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News Flash - Politicians are Liars!

Spiegel Online reports on the Union plan to form a Bundestag special committee to investigate whether SPD/Green candidates lied about expected tax revenue during this fall's election campaign. How stupid does the Union think the voters are? This just goes to show that the Union has no constructive ideas of its own. Of course politicians are liars! All Angela Merkel has to do is ask her old boss Helmut Kohl about reunification and 'blooming landscapes' and 'noone will be worse off'. Then again, Kohl has a history of stonewalling Bundestag special committees.

Update 05.12.02 Greeting to readers from suburban Tennessee! Yes, the Union is still going ahead with its special committee, and Finance Minister Eichel has promised to give as good as he gets (as in, how did Stoiber intend to pay for his &eruo;70 billion of campaign promises). So let the mud slinging begin again, although I would rather have an opposition that would, uh, propose some constructive alternative policy?

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