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5 Hours for a Lampshade

Mama returned from her excursion to Munich yesterday. Even though she has a more than functional company car, she wanted Christopher and I to pick her up from the airport. Why? Her car was at the office (taxi fare to the airport is cheaper than parking), but she wanted to swing by Ikea to pick up a replacement lampshade. Then we would drive her across town to her car. This didn't seem to me to be an efficient use of time, but I agreed anyway. Afterwards, I figured this little adventure cost me 5 hours of free time, which explains why I'm still tired today. But Christopher enjoyed the trip to the airport.

Update While cleaning the living room, Mama knocked the lamp over and broke the new lampshade, after barely 24 hours. Since the lamp had been shadeless for well over a year, I guess that means we'll get the next new lampshade in Spring 2004.

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