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Cold Legs

Mama's under the weather, so Christopher and I hiked up to Hamburg for the afternoon to visit the Christmas markets downtown. I decided that we would take the train rather than drive, and thus give Christopher his first ride in a real live Deutsche Bahn train (as opposed to a mere S- or U-Bahn). I had forgotten that it was not only cold but windy (so it was miserable outside at the market), and that there was a soccer match so that the main station was full of HSV fans (so we missed the train I wanted to take home and had to wait an hour for the next one), and that the return train would be packed to the brim with returning weekend travelers (so we had to stand... ever try to get a 3-year-old to stand still for 25 minutes?). In return, the DB never checked our tickets, which I was planning to buy on board, so the trip was relatively inexpensive.

When we got home, Christopher told Mama all about trains for a good half hour. So I guess he enjoyed the trip.

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