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Five Dollar Bookmarklet

About the time my New Year's hangover was starting, Phil Ringnalda had come up with a Five dollar bookmarklet in response to my authoring app post. While hacking the MT bookmarklet is a cool idea, and it's handy to know where to do it, it's not really what I had in mind. Of course, I didn't really say what I had in mind. I just made a throwaway cute comment about a two-bit bookmarklet not expecting anyone to take it seriously.

However, if I were designing the million dollar authoring app, off the top of my head, I would expect it to:

  • warn me if I were submitting invalid HTML
  • suggest tags and attributes that my post may be missing
  • allow me to drag and drop links into my post
  • check if the links are on my blogroll, and allow me to add them if they are not
  • check if the links have RSS feeds, and if so allow me to add them to my aggregator
  • run with the browser and OS of my choice

That's what I was thinking of when I said that a bookmarklet wasn't up to the job. Maybe NetNewsWire Pro, a news aggregator with posting capability, will become something like this, or Radio Userland can be scripted to do it, or maybe it will be an XUL app for Mozilla. Or maybe I'm just dreaming. I don't know.

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