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Grounded By Stupidity

I was all set to drive in for my first work day of the new year when I noticed that my left front tire was flat. This would have been a nuisance in any case, but was in fact a huge bother because my spare tire was also flat. I had intended to buy new tires next week. Now I was certainly aware that driving without a spare entails a certain amount of risk, but I must admit that I underestimated the risk of leaving my car parked in the driveway without a spare.

Had Mama not had today off, this would have been a real pain to get fixed. However I was able to load the two flat tires into her car and drive off to the tire shop in Buchholz (which was dead as a doornail at 8 am the morning after New Years). I was back home by 9, mounted the new tires up front using only the jack and lug-nut wrench provided by Renault, and could have been at work by 10:30 had I not decided to spontaneously use a vacation day.

The worst thing is that Mama was bugging me all through December to buy tires already, and now I have to listen to her all through January smugly reminding me that she was right.

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