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Joining The Gigahertz Generation

After two years of working at 900 MHz, I finally went out and bought a new computer. Actually, I didn't, I haven't bought a whole new computer in over 10 years. I only bought a new CPU and motherboard, and the requisite DDR RAM. The RAM cost as much as the CPU and motherboard combined, and was the real reason I waited longer than usual before upgrading. I did follow my usual strategy of a getting a low-end AMD processor that doubles my current speed. Well, at least the marketing speed, since the 1800+ runs at 1533 MHz. I can now build world under FreeBSD in 40 minutes.

I did think about getting a Mac, especially now that I've got a iMac at work. OSX is nice. Too bad it only runs on overpriced proprietary Apple hardware. My OS isn't beholden to an evil monopoly, and my hardware shouldn't be either. I'm sure Steve Jobs would brainwash me to want an entire new Mac every couple of years. He wouldn't let me get by with just a CPU and motherboard. And I could could never push a Mac past the Domestic Financial Planning and Review Council.

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