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Relative Success

I hate editing CSS. I use default stylesheets so I don't have to think about it.

But after receiving a complaint from one of the world's top 5% computer users that PapaScott was unreadable under Mozilla on his Mac, I sprang immediately into action. He's surfing at a font size of 12, which is quite small, and my stylesheet of relative font sizes was slavishly obeying his preferences and rendering 'small' bodytext in anti-aliased Georgia at 10 pts. Which is apparently bad news for anyone who wants to actually read such text.

Since I don't want to lose any readers, much less those in the top 5%, I've dumped the Georgia font and gone to all Verdana, and fiddled some with the font sizes. The sidebar still isn't quite right, and it's all probably way too big for Internet Explorer, so I'll have to check back on those CSS hacks to create smaller settings for IE.

Did I mention that I hate editing CSS?

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