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Hobble Hobble

Mama got an air cast today (not a gel cast like we thought). It's fastened with Velcro, so she can take it off when it gets uncomfortable. She didn't even have to visit the doctor. She just picked it up from the medical supply store. Meanwhile she's able to put just a slight amount of weight on the injured foot. Several folks have commented that it must be extremely painful. It was, but only the first day. Since then, she has been mostly exhausted from all the hopping and sliding.

She's missing a monthly meeting tomorrow, but her colleagues have put their entire IT department in motion to set up a webcam connection for her so she can participate. I know how much IT people love last minute special assignments.

Meanwhile, Oma is helping out by picking up Christopher in the afternoon, so I can work a normal work day. When I get home, I get to chase after both Mama and Christopher, so I end up exhausted as well. Otherwise I'd comment on how Germany and France are joining together push the US out of the United Nations. Why else would they announce now that they will not vote for a war resolution?

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