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Put It In A Letter

If you want to get involved in grassroot politics, you have to start small. You can join the local branch of a political party, organize petition drives, talk to your neighbors, express your views to your congressman or MP, and write letters to the editor. And maybe, just maybe, you can make a small difference. Unless your name is Aznar, Blair, or Berlusconi, then your letter can make a huge difference.

An issue I almost always raise on my posts on foreign policy is whether Europe matters? The warbloggers say no, but constantly whine about Europe anyway. (Does that make them warwhiners?) Gerhard Schröder said no, and that made it OK for him to use the Iraq crisis for domestic purposes. The French seem to say no, except insofar it can help them reassert their influence in the world and the EU. Donald Rumsfeld's 'old Europe' remarks seemed to imply that he wished Europe would matter more. The Aznar letter is a sound reply that yes, Europe does matter.

Thomas Nephew commented on my small mammal post that "[It seems] like the more important repercussions of the Iraq crisis are the transatlantic ones." I think so, and I think this letter is the first step to clearing things up. The transatlantic partnership is important. Stop. It is too important to abuse for domestic or EU politics. Double stop.

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