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Moving the Chips Eastward

I'm glad the Amiland reads the German papers so I don't have to. He mentions a report from the Welt am Sonntag that the US Dept of Defense has halted investment at US bases in Germany, in particular planned construction at the air bases at Ramstein and Sprangdahlen. A hospital planned for Sprangdahlen will likely be built in Hungary.

Even if relations were currently good between Germany and the US, I wouldn't regard moving bases to the east a bad thing. The new NATO members are closer to potential action and can use the help more than the rich Germans. It might give a new purpose to NATO which currently seems directionless, which right now can't even decide how to come to the aid of Turkey in the event of war.

Disclaimer: I live in the former British Occupation Zone, and therefore my local economy would not be affected one iota by an American pullout.

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