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Warblogs for Euro-Weenies

I'm now listed at the home page of BlogTalk - A European Weblog-Conference (to be held this May in Vienna) as having submitted a proposal for a talk. That's not quite correct... I've submitted a title and a promise to flesh it out. But I do (in my humble opinion) have a good title: "Warblogs for Euro-Weenies - Searching for the DeutschePundit". Eight words down, one thousand four hundred ninety-two to go.

Since I was always able to ace the essay questions in college, it should be no problem for me to 'Contrast and compare the development of politcal weblogs in Germany and the United States, with particular emphasis on the differences in internet usage, journalistic standards and political culture'.

Speaking of which, can anyone point me to any German political blogs that are CDU/CSU-oriented?

(Weenies. Vienna. Get it? Oh, I am so clever. ;-)

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