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Transcontinental Media War

Fellow expat Adam Curry wonders how he missed the "growing anti-americanism in Europe". It seems to exist only in the media. I'm not so prominent as Adam, so the media never asked me about it, but I to agree. I have never personally experienced any sort of anti-Americanism at all here in Germany. There's no talk of boycotting trips to the US, or boycotting American products (well, except for Microsoft products :-).

I'm not going to say whether it's good or bad, but Americans seem to be more emotional and sentimental about things, feeling that their friendship has been betrayed. France opposes war with Iraq, and the US media accuses France of being ungrateful for D-Day. I'd guess most Europeans don't see the connection.

There are calls in the US to boycott French wine and Perrier water. Shouldn't they be boycotting Chrysler and T-Mobile as well?

Tobias Schwarz responds that as long as German brass bands can play on American streeets, things can't be all that bad. Although if I were forced to choose between war and Germany Volksmusik, I'd almost choose war.

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