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Lost in the Translation

Sloppy editing at Deutsche Welle is turning a domestic budget and turf dispute into an international incident. The oppostion is asking the health minister why she is stockpiling smallpox vaccine (and outdated vaccine at that) when the interior minister says there is no threat of a smallpox terrorist attack . DW-World reported

In the interviews, two German government ministers let readers know that there is little danger now that that [sic] American-hating terrorists could unleash the smallpox virus on the German population.

This could imply that a goal of Germany's anti-war policy is to appease terrorists. As Amiland points out, there is nothing in the original interviews that even remotely suggests this. No, this is just domestic politics as usual, nothing to see here.

Then again, as Paul Krugman says (as cited by Tobias Schwarz), maybe the media in Europe and the US are reporting from such completely different perspectives as to make any understanding totally impossible.

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