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At The Circus

Our entertainment today was the Circus Rogall, a small family circus that was playing in Jesteburg. Christopher was skeptical at first, but he did enjoy the clown and the horses, as well as the popcorn. I was impressed by the admission price (double the price of a movie ticket), but also by the versatility of the troupe. Five performers put on the entire show, so the ringmaster was also the clown and the trapeze artist and the horse and camel trainer. Sounds like the life of a sysadmin.

This evening we made pizza together, and Christopher actually did most of the work. He put the flour and water in the mixer, helped roll out the dough, poured on the tomato sauce, arranged the salami, and spread out the grated cheese. He then washed his hands for 20 minutes, which should have made me suspicious. Sure enough, he had spread sun lotion throughout the guest bathroom, on the walls and the fixtures, as well as in his hair.

It's been a fun weekend with Christopher, but I'd still rather have Mama around.

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