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It's probably a sign of my age, or least of when I started taking a interest in German popular culture, that I noticed the 20th anniversary album by Nena, consisting of new versions of most of her '80s hits, and thus entitled 'Nena feat. Nena'. She still has the unique voice I'd follow almost anywhere, and the new version of Leuchtturm is quite good and has gotten some radio airplay, so I impulsively picked up the CD yesterday. 99 Luftballons doesn't cut it as a ballad, the duets with Kim Wilde and Udo Lindenburg are a bit bizarre, and she ruined my favorite Nena song Nur geträumt (but then again, so did Blümchen, or maybe the song isn't as good as I remember). But I'd forgotten how much I liked Fragezeichen, and all in all it's a nice nostalgia trip back to the '80s. To counteract the nostalgia, I also bought the t.A.T.u. album, which is in fact better than I expected, even though I'm too old to be listening to teenie girl groups, even (or especially) if they are from Russia. But then it's produced the old producer of Frankie Goes To Hollywood, so it's really '80s retro. Sigh. There's no escape.

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