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You're So Vain

Yesterday I left my car at the garage for an inspection and tune-up, and took the bus and train to work. On the way back last night, in the S-Bahn line S3, 4 teenage girls boarded and sat near me, talking and giggling the way teenage girls do, making it impossible not to overhear their conversation. They were wearing headscarves, and they were probably Turkish, but they spoke German. They were making making fun of one of their number whose silk scarf had a crease running from ear to ear. "It's so slippery," she tried to defend herself. "I had to pin it to my hair to keep in from slipping down on my face," and burst into giggles. And I had to smile myself. Wearing a headscarf to be modest doesn't mean you don't care how you look. Especially if you're a teenager.

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