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Leave the Church in the Village

In a response to Andrew Sullivan, Amiland today reminded that whatever Schröder's policy on Iraq is today, two years ago he put his own government on the line to support Enduring Freedom. That reminded me of the remark by Joshua Micah Marshall a couple of weeks ago that the US routed around NATO when it came to Enduring Freedom, invoking Article V but not asking for anythng of substance. They probably thought at the time that it wasn't worth the bother to wait for the NATO allies. I can't help but think that today there would be a common trans-Atlantic position on Iraq if NATO had been on board in Afghanistan from the start two years ago.

At any rate, I'm wary of Sullivan's broad historical generalization of German foreign policy ("they veer from extreme romantic militarism to romantic pacifism"), since the Federal Republic has only had an foreign policy since November 1989, after going decades without. I don't see the connection to ghosts of the German past.

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