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One, Two, Three

Call me gruesome, but when I heard yesterday that the actor Horst Buchholz had died, my first thought was the hope that the frantic Billy Wilder comedy One, Two, Three (1961), starring Buchholz and James Cagney, would be televised. Sure enough, it's showing right now on BR.

OK, the film mostly stars Cagney, as a hyperactive Coca-Cola executive in post-war pre-Wall Berlin. For example, he's trying to close a deal with the Russians. They offer him a Cuban cigar.

"We made a deal with Castro. He sends us cigars, we send him missiles."

"You're being cheated! This cigar is badl!"

"So are the missiles."

You'll have to see the movie yourself to know how Cagney "learns umlauts" with his German secretary. Sitzen machen!

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