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Here We Are

We're in the middle of a hard month here. Mama has multi-night business trips every week in March (normal is one per month), and that makes neither of us happy. And Christopher least of all. So tonight, when Mama returned from 3 days in Munich, we together with Oma celebrated with a trip to the bistro, with Apfelschorle (apple juice spritzer), pizza, and ice cream. Actually, Christopher calls all golden-colored fizzy beverages Apfelschorle, so Mama and I took the beer Apfelschorle and let him take the juice Apfelschorle. And Christopher was struggling to keep his eyes open after the pizza, so we decided to save the ice cream for tomorrow. On the way home, Christopher kept muttering "Tolle Apfelschorle" (toll=super or great), so I guess he enjoyed himself. And I'll wait until at least tomorrow to write anything more about international politics.

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