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27 Hours Berlin

We're back. Christopher loved it. I would have been better off staying home in bed, but I then would have been home alone with Christopher, so rest and recuperation was not an option. Since I was pretty much a wet blanket, I'll try to tell about our visit from Christopher's perspective.

Riding the Inter City Express from Hamburg to Berlin was the main highlight, of course. Riding in a taxi from Bahnhof Zoo to the hotel was also an new and exciting experience. That night from his bed in Mama's room he could see the taxi stand in front of the hotel, and count the taxis as they came and went.

Our goal Saturday afternoon was Potsdamer Platz, with the obligatory McDonald's visit. Chistopher was impressed by an elephant poster at the Imax theater. It was on a set of exit doors, and people would walk through the elephants on their way out. We had to do that ourselves, of course. We did some light shopping, and we bought Christopher a book. We met Mama's cousin for a early dinner at Tony Roma's. Christopher was impressed by the attention from the wait staff and ran up and down the stairs and through the aisles. We had no plans for the evening, which is good since I went to bed before Christopher.

On Sunday morning we drove to Potsdam to see Sanssouci Park and the New Palace. There were a lot of parents with small children walking through the grounds. Christopher was impressed by the castle (he got to stand inside one of the old guardposts), but was just as impressed by the gravel on the walkways. At one point he gathered some stones, and piled them together to start a 'fire'. I doubt that the park officials would have been impressed.

Mama's meetings started at 1 pm, so Christopher and I spent the afternoon riding the S-Bahn and eating ice cream at Alexanderplatz. Each time I'm in Berlin I keep hoping that the Alex has been restored as a vibrant city center, and each time I'm disappointed. But they still have the funky world clock with the solar system, and, of course, the TV tower. We then headed back to Bahnhof Zoo to catch the ICE back to Hamburg and arrived home exhausted. I went back to the doctor today, and I won't inflict myself on my colleagues at work until at least Wednesday.

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