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Children's Stories

I've been refraining from commenting on the war since it started, since I'm assuming that 90% of what the media is reporting is wrong and I don't know which 10% is right. And frankly, at 7 pm when I have the choice between the nightly news on ZDF and Christopher's favorite cartoon on the Kinderkanal, I know which one we pick. I would appreciate some simple stories like the ones Bjørn Stærk mentioned from a newspaper in Norway, "without that compulsive need to put everything in perspective. Perspective is fine, but worthless unless you have something to, you know, put in perspective."

(Perhaps another reason is that I've been mentally on vacation for the past two weeks, even though we don't leave until Wednesday. We'll be spending two weeks on the Gulf coast in Florida, in the shadow of US Central Command. I imagine it will be one of the safest places on earth.)

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