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Just A Note To Say...

(Anyone familiar with current children's videos will know from the headline what movie Christopher has been watching constantly the past two weeks.)

We're still in Florida, but have been following events in Iraq via the St. Petersburg Times and occasional fleeting glimpses at TV. When the newspaper headline is all upper case, we can tell that it was a big day.

The TV critic for the Times, Eric Deggens, had a nice observation about Fox News today: "Roger Ailes... has excelled by capitalizing on an essential truth about American TV viewers: Often we say we want one thing, when we really want another. We may say we want objective coverage, but we really want news that fits our own cultural world view." I don't think that applies only to American viewers...

I'll have to see if I can pick up that Kagan book that Alwin Hawkins recommended before we leave. The Times had a good review of the book and an Op-Ed by him as well (Kagan, not Hawkins).

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