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New Digs

This afternoon PapaScott moved to its own virtual server, running on FreeBSD and hosted by EscapeBox in Berlin. The DNS change will have propagated by noon tomorrow, so until then you might get redirected to the new IP address.

I'd been considering for several weeks now whether to move PapaScott to a dedicated or virtual server. Not that I need it. The site is pretty low tech and low volume, and doesn't require any great amounts of CPU or bandwidth. I just wanted to be root! I set up web servers on FreeBSD and Linux for a living, and I wanted to be able to set up my web server the way I want to, install the latest PHP if I feel like it, or try out Tomcat. And to able to break things, although I don't expect to break anything.

Inspired by Burningbird's quest for a new server, I started searching around, discovered a couple of hosters that have excellent reviews, and made my choice.

I still highly recommend Cornerhost as a hoster for anyone who does not want or need root.

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