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Waging Peace

Saturday in Vienna... a beautiful sunny morning, and we're sitting in a dark hall with our notebooks. The title of Rebecca Blood's keynote, Waging Peace: Using Our Powers for Good, sounded boring but her point was actually pretty interesting: that we tend to fill our blogrolls with blogs that think and write like we do. She then gave two examples of blogs that go beyond that, that attempt to bring together two sides of long-running conflicts for constructive dialog: Slugger O'Toole (Northern Ireland) and DialogNow (India/Pakistan).

I've always tried to put a wide range of opinions in my blogroll (which is not just for show, it's what I actually read), but I've never taken it beyond that. What are the prerequsites for establishing such a dialog? A passion for the issue and resolving the conflict, of course, what what else? Cross-cultural experience? Being bilingual (when language plays a role)? Or is it just being able to see beyond the box?

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