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Bridge Day

It was a mistake going to work today, after the Ascension holiday yesterday. I should have taken the day off like most people. The office wasn't just empty, but seeped in a mood of doom and gloom, as next week we start on reduced time... 'Kurzarbeit'. My department will be working at 80% across the board, which we all find fair, and works out nicely to a 4 day work week. Other departments are harder hit, with some people being cut down to 0%. Those people are certainly wondering if they will ever come back, and if the entire deal was just a way for the firm to get rid of them without a formal termination of employment.

No, I should have taken today off. Then maybe I could have had as much fun as I did yesterday, when I took Christopher to the zoo and saw the baby elephant, or tomorrow, when we all will head to the beach on the Baltic Sea (Mama has a class reuinion, Christopher and I will come home by train). Or on Monday, when I will take my first 'short day' home with Christopher (his day care and the substitute are both on vacation). All of those are much happier prospects than work.

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