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Feed on feeds

On Monday I posted a quick link to feed on feeds, a server-side RSS aggregator for PHP and MySQL by Steve Minutillo. Last fall I wrote that I wanted an AmphetaServer instead of an AmphetaDesk. This looks it could be it. I've been using feed on feeds all week now, and I love it.

It's at version 0.1, and it looks and feels very clunky. I can think of a dozen ways to make it easier to use. It chokes on invalid XML. The layout is ugly. But the main thing is, it works. It gathers over 100 RSS feeds for me, which I can read and maintain from any browser, at home, at work, anywhere. It's now available at SourceForge, and I look forward to watching, and maybe even helping, it develop.

Nico saw the link as well, and feels pretty much the same way.

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