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After torrential rainstorms yesterday, we had wonderful weather today for the Pentecost holiday, and we decided to take in it on the Alster lake in Hamburg. Mama wanted to drop in unannounced at a couple of her Hamburg locations... I'm sure they loved having a surprise visit from the boss on a holiday. But once business was taken care of, we took Christopher on an Alster cruise. There was of course the usual commentary on the shoreline real estate (there's the Otto villa, there's the Senate Guest House where the Queen of England stayed, over there is the Tchibo mansion). But just as the captain was telling us about sailing on the Alster (a permit is not required, but you need to leave a €30 deposit in case you capsize), a sailboat did in fact capsize, right in front of our boatload of tourists. The 3 boaters were not able to able to right the boat by themselves, so we circled around and gave them a boost. The mast was broken, so that was the end of their day, and after being rescued by a tour ship, most likely the end of their dignity as well.

Right now, Christopher is in the bathtub reenacting the incident.

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