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Too Funky for Me

I hate CSS. And I don't care about RSS.

I'd just like to have an RSS feed that everyone is happy with. (And I'd like to include extra information for my own use, so I can, say, have an RSS file for each entry and archive I publish, and use those files instead of Movable Type templates to generate each web page. But that's futuretalk.)

But after my feed was shamed by Don Park as an example of funky RSS (and he used another f-word several times to express how he feels about funky RSS in general), I decided to defunkify my feed (starting with the template by Alexander Barnes Dryer mentioned by Dave Winer). The result of my effort for now is this template.

Now my head is spinning, a dangerous condition this early in the morning, and I can confirm that thinking about RSS causes severe brain damage. And my feed is only mostly defunkified, because I still have a content:encoded element because, well, I like having all the markup. So I still don't pass the Funkidator.

This still won't make everyone happy. That's why I think Sam Ruby's initiative to create a new common format is a good thing, not because I care about RSS (I don't), but because it will help prevent brain damage.

Update Brad Choate has a template he hopes will pass the 'Dave' test.

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