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Raining on my sleep

I still insist that 'hot' begins at 40°C, but the last couple of days have been 'very warm'. All that energy in the atmosphere has just been discharged in the form of a thunderstorm that chased us from our bedroom in the attic. Drizzle pattering on the skylights might be romantic, but a downpour certainly is not.

We've booked our flight and hotel (burning up some of Mama's Lufthansa miles) for our anniversary getaway to Rome. Lilli asked what we're interested in seeing there. Well, we have a cheap guidebook, so we know what the main attractions are. Mama is a militant non-Cathlolic, so we don't need to see the Vatican. We mostly want to stay outside, explore, and catch some atmosphere. And we'd appreciate any tips like 'If you're in Rome for a weekend, you've just got to do this'.

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