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Short Sheeted

Last week, on July 30 to be exact, 2 days before the beginning of the new month, my employer informed us that short time was cancelled for the month of August, that we would be back on full time. Have we turned the corner? Is this the light at the end of the tunnel? Not exactly. One of our projects was having trouble meeting a deadline and needed to be fully staffed. However, the firm was unable to cut enough hours from other projects to continue to meet the legal requirements for short time, so that means thanks to disorganization, we're all back on full time. Short time will probably resume in September.

For my department, which provides internal service and support, that means we have to be extremely productive this month, since we want people to notice that we can accomplish much more when we are at full strength. Otherwise, management might have the idea that we are overstaffed and cut us back permanently. Funny politics. To protect our jobs, we have to accomplish less when we have less time, and more when we have more time, even though the amount of work is constant. It almost sounds like we are working for the government, and have to spend our entire budget this period to make sure we are fully funded for the next period. Don't ask any questions, just do what you're told!

It was actually kind of nice having two nearly-fully-paid afternoons off per week.

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