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Quote Unquote

Thanks to Heiko, a controversy from the German blogging community has leaked into the Anglosphere. How should bloggers quote one another? Should a quote be immediately identifiable as a quote? Should a link always be permalink?

I personally bristle at any rules that bloggers 'must' or 'should' do anything, except be true to their own principles and to themselves. I don't blog to share knowledge. I don't blog to be part of a community. I blog for myself, for my own enjoyment. I don't have an obligation to follow any rules with my weblog, except to please me. So Dave Winer is free to edit his posts during the day. Jörg Kantel is free to quote without attribution. (Although once you read his blog for a few days, it's pretty easy to pick out his words from the quotes, even without the quotation marks. And for all I know, maybe he didn't even invent his catch phrase <a title="Google Search: "Allerschärfstes Willkommen"" href=" Willkommen%22&btnG=Google Search">"Allerschärfstes Willkommen".) And I'm free to quote and paraphrase in my Quick Links to get things to fit in the tool tip bar.

And those who blog seriously, professionally, for business, or as consultants, just have to accept weblogs for what they are, namely mostly unserious and unprofessional. You might as well try to herd cats.

Update It's appropriate to add a quote here, from Jonathon Delacour (welcome back, by the way), in regards to ethics and blogging: "I instinctively mistrust attempts... to impose rules or standards, no matter how well-intentioned they might be."

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