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On Sunday we visited Boltenhagen, on the Baltic coast between L├╝beck and Wismar. It's a traditional seaside resort town, celebrating its 200th anniversary this year, very well kept and with a very nice beach. The day was a bit breezy (perfect for the windsurfing competition that happened to be going on), but as relief from the heat we didn't mind at all.

In theory, Boltenhagen would be just 30 minutes past L├╝beck. In practice, thanks to bad roads (er, I mean the lack of infrastructure in the 'new states') and Sunday traffic, it took us 2 hours to cover the 20 km of 2-lane road from L├╝beck to the turn-off to the north. Luckily Christopher held up like a trooper, and the day was not ruined. But all I can say is hurry up and finish the damned Baltic Autobahn A20 already!

The traffic jam ended in Selmsdorf, the first village east of the former border. Amidst the half-completed housing and the ghost-town commercial park, we noticed a dirt road leading into a gully, with a street sign "Strasse der Freiheit" - Street of Freedom. I wish we had had a camera ready. I guess you can have them build your Street of Freedom, but you have to pave it for yourself.

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