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No Mercy

Deutsche Welle: No More Mercy for Hamburg's 'Judge Merciless': "Hamburg Mayor Ole von Beust fired the city-state's controversial interior minister on Tuesday. He said that 'law and order' man Ronald Schill had threatened to publicly out Beust as a homosexual. 'I have dismissed Mr. Schill,' Beust told reporters. 'I felt forced to dismiss him because Schill's character is not suited to the office.'

"The two men had met to discuss Schill's deputy Walter Wellinghausen, who Beust also dismissed. Wellinghausen, who had been Schill's attorney, has been accused of illegally continuing to collect pay in another capacity after he became privy counselor. According to Beust, Schill said the mayor had made his ostensible partner his justice minister and that the two had a homosexual relationship."

California and Texas have nothing on us!

Update: Readers of German should read what Lyssa has to say. But then, readers of German should be reading Lyssa anyway. Das ist ein Befehl!

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