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This would have been a stress day even if I hadn't stayed too long at the Blogger Treff last night, getting to bed at 12:30 and getting up at 5:30. I'm getting too old for that kind of silly behavior.

We haven't really been bothered by the latest virus nonsense. Our firewall and virus checkers have done their jobs. But wanting to track all those funny data packets reminded us that our snortdatabase (1.5 GB) was too slow, so I got to set up a new recycled database machine. But MySQL really does run much faster on a dual P-III 500 with 512MB than on a single P-II 400 with 256MB.

Our Internet provider is abondoning the domestic German market and sold our account to Tiscali. They couldn't match the old price, so we're switching to a local firm that already provides our phone service. Either way, we need to switch IP addresses, and worse, we have to fight to keep a Class C network. Writing a "creative network infrastructure" sounds better than "outright lying about our needs", but it comes down to the same thing.

And then there's web relaunch that went online this evening. We did the new design on the cheap. Rather than commissioning a web site, we had our print agency send us screenshots for which the overworked web admin himself wrote up the HTML, despite not having written real HTML in years (and to think I volunteered to do it). It's still got frames, but it has more CSS and almost no tables, so it's an improvement. And I can't blame a brain-dead agency for bad code, so I have incentive to keep making it better. Take a look if you like, especially if you have a Mac, since we don't have any modern Macs at all for testing. Yes, the design breaks down at less than 1024x768, I'm still working on that. And blame Lotus Domino for the FONT tags in the content frame. I'll tidy that up somehow.

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