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In German Kinder language, the two functions one can perform on the toilet are pi-pi and ah-ah. This weekend Christopher performed ah-ah all by himself, twice. And there was much rejoicing, from both parents and child.

I guess because we had toilets on our minds, we spontaneously bought new toilet seats for both bathrooms. You can do wild and crazy things like this when you own instead of rent.

We also took down all the safety latches from the kitchen cupboards, since the risk of Christopher randomly emptying the cupboards has decreased to nearly zero. The guard on the stove will stay up for a while, though.

On Sunday we assembled some cabinets for Oma. Unfortunatey, she selected the cabinets solely on the basis of price, and they were a royal pain to assemble. If you get plain white cabinets from Obi, the DIY chain with the beaver, do NOT get the Simply 'Basic' model. You'll be sorry.

Afterwards we took Oma and Christopher to the festival at Hof Wörme, an organic farm. Christopher got to ride a horse and a tractor, build a straw puppet, and jump in a hay stack and toss hay in all directions. A good time was had by all, but a bath in the evening was badly needed.

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