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Rome In A Day (Or Two)

Our anniversary weekend in Rome was everything we hoped it would be. Warm weather, great sights, quiet hotel, and best of all, we could sleep in (twice!) without the tap-tap-tap of little feet coming into our bedroom.

Unfortunately Mama came down with a head cold, so we had to hold off on some of the walking and let her nap in the afternoon. I guess it was her revenge for my coming down with the bug for our weekend in Berlin this spring. Now we're even.

Rome is a compact city with a cheap and functional Metro (note I don't say clean, spacious or comfortable), so it's easy to see a lot with just your feet and a map. Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, St. Peter's Square, Sistine Chapel (yes, Mama did decide to set foot at the Vatican after all), Colosseum, Forum.

I'm surprised how German my eye has become. I first noticed that half the moving sidewalks at the airport were broken. I noticed how slow the Airport 'Express' to the city travelled, how many people were in uniform not doing anything, and how the conversation in the street was always loud, fast and furious. I'm sure these are all prejudices, to which there is always a little truth.

I was impressed with how the entire city seemed to be walking on the Via del Corso on Saturday evening. The coffee everywhere is good... even the train station kiosk has a commercial espresso machine. And despite the speed of the traffic, if you step onto the crosswalk, it will usually stop for you... or speed around you.

We enjoyed ourselves, and we are already planning our next trip. We'll learn a few words of Italian for next time, and we'll bring Christopher along. He's interested in knights and castles at the moment, and he'll go nuts over centurions and ancient ruins, we're sure. We know we'll be back, because we tossed a coin in the Trevi Fountain to ensure our return.

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