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Shock Horror Drama

On this anniversary, there are some reminders that all that is violent and evil in the world is not al-Qaida. The arrest in Munich of neo-Nazis in possession of 1.7 kg of TNT, or the stabbing death of Anna Lindh in Stockholm. Or, as a reminder of evil in times past, the death of Nazi filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl.

Freedom makes us vulnerable, and free people are always at risk. The 'war on terror' won't change that, regardless if the result is win, lose or draw. Maybe it's a mistake to even call it a 'war'. I wonder, if by focusing exclusively on an enemy that inflicted such a painful wound 2 years ago, whether we risk losing sight of other enemies of our freedom, or risk giving up our own freedom in exchange for a false sense of security, or even becoming ourselves the very evil that we are convinced that we fight.

And yet living in freedom is more secure than living under tyranny.

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