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Saugen und Brennen

Last weekend I finally joined the ranks of the Gigabyte burners and bought a NEC ND-1300A DVD burner. It's inexpensive (around 150 Euros), fast enough (4x), handles both plus and minus media, and came well-recommended by the experienced DVD freaks at work.

They also recommended CloneDVD for backing up DVD videos. I can too... 3 clicks and you've got a menu-less backup of the main title. No menus means Christopher's movies start without pushing any buttons or seeing any forced advertising or boring legal disclaimers. Of course, reading in encrypted discs is your own problem, especially with Germany's new copyright law. But finding Dee Eee Cee Ess Ess isn't exactly rocket science.

The same day I also bought an inexpensive vacuum cleaner, just to be able use a clever German title for this post.

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