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Silvio, not Arnie

Adam Curry: "I'm jealous of the vigor and dedication that goes into blogging political and social issues in the states. Believe me that there is no country in Europe as adamant about certain inalienable rights, like free speech. When it comes to that Dave [Winer] is right, blogging truly is an 'american thing'....

"We're on the eve of the birth of a constitution for a new union of states (Europe), comprised of 400 million people with a single currency. Surely that is worth blogging about. Unfortunately the blogosphere in my neck of the woods hasn't quite moved beyond the stage of commenting on traditional media. In turn, Big Media here is still reporting that weblogs are only used by teenage girls who write about their pets. Sound familiar?

"I feel as if it's my duty as an american to blog the creation of the european constitution, get people interested in the process and (hopefully) the outcome. There's ample opportunity to shape the ground rules and laws that the citizens will abide to."

The European blogs I read seem to blog more about US politics than their own politics. We should be talking about Berlusconi, not Schwarzenegger.

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