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Learning a templating system for PHP has long been something I knew I *should* do, but had been long put off because I knew it would be uncomfortable, like cleaning my desk or going to the dentist. No matter which system I would chose, there would be some overhead in learning and in rearranging my work.

Finally, inspired last week the implementation of templates at, I jumped into the Smarty template engine. And as I implemented my first template, I promptly made my first newbie mistake, namely confusing 'caching' with 'pre-compiling'. I set my language-specific entry page to be cached, and wondered why my site was suddenly only in German. After a slight bout of panic, I checked the docs and found I could set separate caches for German and English.

I knew this would be as much fun as having my teeth cleaned. But unlike going to the dentist, hopefully I only have to learn Smarty once, and can then use it for all my little PHP projects.

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