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Windmill Front

What' up on the anti-windmill front? Our informal group organized last week. We named ourselves "L├╝llauer Gegenwind", selected our neighbor as speaker, and my wife as treasurer. The group printed up flyers to inform the village of the informational meeting held by the windmill investors. They expected 20 people, but 120 showed up (our village has a population of 400), and the meeting was written up in the Hamburger Abendblatt. We've been getting some help from a similar group in Dahlenburg, 'Windkraft mit Vernunft'.

The group will be meeting with farmers this week to try to convince them that wind energy is not the secure source of income that the wind investment firms make it out to be. We'll be following the situation at the city level (where the zoning situation is somewhat muddled) and the state level (where a bill proposed by the new CDU/FDP government will increase the required distance between windmills and residential areas). We're unsure whether our village is 'residential' or 'mixed used'.

I'll probably let my wife do most of the windmill campaigning, since Christopher is too young to be left alone evenings. I've offered to set up a weblog for the group, but they haven't taken me up on it yet.

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