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Not-so-latent Antisemitism

The ARD evening news Tagesschau <a title=" : CDU-Abgeordneter nennt Juden "Tätervolk"" href=",1185,OID2535334_REF1,00.html">reported last night on the CDU Bundestag back-bencher Martin Hohmann, who on October 3rd gave a speech to his local party comparing the violence of the Russian Revolution to the Halocaust, saying that Jews could be called 'a criminal people' (Tätervolk) for the crimes of the Bolscheviks, citing Henry Ford's 'The International Jew' and calling for 'justice for Germans'. The speech would have gone unnoticed had it not appeared on the local party website (content now removed). The national CDU leadership has distanced itself from Hohmann and his remarks

This is not Hohmann's first time in the national spotlight. A year ago he was mentioned in a report on radical-rightists in the CDU. While it is good that such opinions are brought (somewhat belatedly) to light by the national media, it would be better if they would call the same bullshit on the left as well.

Update Cum Grano Salis and Shark Blog comment as well. Update 2 BBC story

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