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The German journalist and blogger WorldWideKlein on leaving Washington after 7 years (translation mine):

"The USA to which I came in July 1996 was a completely different country than the USA that I am now leaving: well-off, self-satisfied, open, optimistic. It was the land of Bill Clinton and the Internet, sudden wealth, free of worries. Today on the other hand, my adopted countrymen find themselves being driven from one fear to the next (and many of them let themselves be driven), threatend, despised, isolated. Who is responsible for this change - everyone has his own their theory, I'm sure. I've been so close to the action that right now I don't have an overview, I'm missing the big picture. But I already noticed in 1996/1997 how helpful it sometimes is to leave a country and to observe it from the outside."

Welcome home, and keep on blogging!

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