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Some days it is just better to stay in bed. Today MamaMaus was under stress at work, more than usual. But she's paid well to handle stress, and one of her perks is the new BMW 500 class TurboDiesel she drives to the office. Today she was running both late and low on fuel, so she pulled into Shell, drove up to the diesel pump, and filled up with V-Power.

Shell V-Power is not diesel. It's 100 octane SuperPlus gasoline.

A few minutes later, her onboard computer reported 'Motor Damage', and this time it was not an error. The repair will cost 4000 Euros and will take at least a week. During that time she'll be driving a loaner Smart Roadster, which is easily a half-size smaller than my Twingo. And worst of all, her boss tomorrow is going to have a huge laugh at her expense.

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