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Registered Mail

The post left a notice that there is a registered letter requiring my signature waiting for me. I can pick it up Monday after 10 am at the stationers, our local post agent.

I wasn't expecting any such letter, and I have no idea what it could be. It might be for MamaMaus, although the form has clealy 'Frau' and 'Firma' crossed-out, so that the letter is for 'Herrn Hanson-Petersen' (which isn't me, there's no Petersen in my name, but that's beside the poinrt). The last registered letter we received was for her, a speeding ticket (with fine and points). The US consulate sent my passport via registered mail. A pink slip from my employer might be registered, but the deadline for layoffs has passed for this quarter. Financial documents might also be sent registered.

Now I am expecting a package to arrive COD, and that would involve the same form being left in our mailbox, except that the 'COD' box would be ticked instead of that for 'Registered Mail'. I assume the post knows how to fill out their own forms. So I have no idea what to expect. It's probably not good news. It's either bad or indifferent. I'll let you know, unless the whole thing is too personal or embarassing. Then I won't.

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