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EU Bans Blogging?

EU bans blogging? Martin Röll thinks that this ruling from the European Court of Justice upholding a ruling in Swedien may be the start:

Mrs Lindqvist was involved in preparing people for Communion in the parish of Alseda (Sweden). At the end of 1998 she set up internet pages on her personal computer at home to enable parishioners preparing for Confirmation to obtain easily the information they were likely to need. Those pages contained information on Mrs Lindqvist and
18 of her colleagues in the parish, including their first names and sometimes their full names. Mrs Lindqvist also described the work done by her colleagues and their hobbies in mildly humorous terms. In several cases their family circumstances, their telephone number and other information were given. She also mentioned that one of her colleagues had injured her foot and was working part-time on medical grounds. Mrs Lindqvist was fined SEK 4 000 (approximately EUR 450) for processing personal data by automatic means without notifying the Datainspektion (Swedish supervisory authority for the protection of electronically transmitted data) in writing, for transferring data to third countries without authorisation and for processing sensitive personal data.

So we don't blog, we 'process personal data by automatic means'. And so we need to register our blogs with the proper authorities, and get permission every time we refer to someone by name (or address or URL)? Or not?

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