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The Ghost of Schill

The ghost of Schill continues to haunt the coalition in Hamburg. He was quiet for a while after having been tossed out of the Senate by Mayor von Beust. Last weekend he was re-elected as the state party chair.

In the past week, however, he has returned to his old self, attacking von Beust, his successor Interior Minister Nockelmann. A new role in this coalition is unthinkable, given that von Beust has sworn to never again sit at the same table as Schill.

For his party, one week of the new-old Schill was enough. The national party board has dismissed Schill as state chair. It's now very possible that Schill will form his own faction in the Hamurg B├╝rgerschaft, take a couple of supporters with him, and force new elections. Stay tuned.

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