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Speech Therapy

We had our initial appointment with the child speech therapist yesterday. He confirmed that Christopher is way behind in his speech development for his age. This could be caused by a combination of environmental factors: being a (spoiled) only child, having two working parents, spending full days in day care, and having a non-native-speaking parent (which I can confirm; I simply have no idea how well a 4-year-old German child should speak, and I have no ear for subtle mistakes).

Of course we should check for physical causes as well. His 4-year checkup is beginning of next month, and we should tell the pediatrician about our concerns. He hasn't been sick the last year at all, but he had a couple of ear infections when he was younger, and he probably inherited my susceptibility to ear, nose and throat infections. I think I remember seeing a speech therapist as a child (but I'm not sure... Grandma?). If my memory is not invented, I remember it as something I did not enjoy.

We'll probably start week appointments at the end of January. My shortened hours at work will make it easier to plan. Meanwhile, we (espcially Mama, maybe Oma) are to read with (not to) him as much as she can, and let him explain the stories in his own words. I was right to stop speaking English with him for now. We do not need to be concerned about stuttering at this point, as it is normal at this age for children to think more quickly than they can speak. But at 4 he should be able to speak clearly and in complete sentences.

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