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Two Polls

Polls don't mean anything come election day, but they are interesting nonetheless. The ARD DeutschlandTREND shows the Union falling below an absolute majority in the "Sunday question" for the first time in 5 months, but still with 48%. Winners were not red/green (26%/10%), but the FDP (7%) and the PDS (5%!). Has the far-left flight from the SPD to the ex-communists begun?

Meanwhile locally, 7 weeks before the Hamburg election Mayor von Beust and the CDU have a comfortable lead (47%) over Mirow and the SPD (30%). The Greens have 11%, FDP 2%, old Schill 2%, and new Schill (Pro-DM) 4%. With coalition partners, von Beust is only 6 points ahead of red/green, and if Schill somehow gets over 5% all bets are off.

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