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I Have A Voice

Appropriate for MLK Day and Iowa Caucus Day, I received my absentee ballot for the Arizona Democratic Primary today. The Maricopa County Recorder was kind enough to send it by Express Mail to make sure my vote can be counted.

I remember my first caucus, back in 1980 in Minnesota. I was a high school senior, and belonged to the dark side (Independent Republicans, as they were known in MN back then). I forget who I supported for President (not Reagan... Bush? Dole?). But I did get elected to the county, and then the congressional district convention. One of the candidates looked me up at my after-school job, cleaning the meat market at the local grocers. He shook my hand, even though I was covered with blood and beef fat. Even though he wasn't local and was too conservative for my taste, he got my vote, he won the nomination, and was elected. Vin Weber was one of the conservative stars in the House in the 1980s.

That August, one day before nominating Ronald Reagan, the National Republican Convention voted to drop support for the Equal Rights Amendment, and I vowed to never support the Republicans again. That fall I voted for John Anderson.

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